Terms & Condition

1 BDWASH cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the laundry processing or loss of buttons, ornaments or anything left in the pockets.

2 No liability can be accepted for defects or damage to articles during treatment which are susceptible to methods of manufacture or deterioration caused by wear and exposure.

3 In case of any loss or damage proved to be our negligence, our liability shall be limited to a particular amount not exceeding 10 times the charge of service rendered.

4 Prices are subject to change at the discretion of the Management.

5 bdwash will make every effort to provide service in time as specified above. However in case of any abnormal situation like strike, siege, disruption in electrical / gas / water supplies, traffic jam and complexity of fabrics, there could be some delay.

6 bdwash will not be held responsible for any Damage / Loss arising from non-collection of article(s) by the client within 15 days from delivery date.

All garments/linen/fabrics are handled with greatest care but owing to the conditions of the articles or non apparent/non-visible defects in its material there is a possibility of discoloring or shrinkage. Such garments are accepted for cleaning at owner’s risk and company will not accept any responsibility for it.

7 Any disruption in the folded laundry due to Mending or False Repair has to be acceptable by the Customer.

Company due to time constraints does not read manufacturer suggested care and washing / drying labels, and will not responsible for garments labeled "hand wash only" or "dry clean only"

8 We do not deliver half/part of your whole laundry order; Customer can only expect the delivery after all the items in the basket are ready to deliver.

9 A monthly inventory charge of 50% of the whole laundry bill will be applied after the first month from the delivery date.

10 Customer might get regular updates (Calls / SMS / E-mail) from Company of transactional and marketing in nature.

11 In case of loss of any article, a compensation will be offered up to 5 (Five) times of the charges amount shown against that article on the voucher. If lost item was under any offer or package then compensation amount will be based on that offered service charge of that particular garment/item instead of regular price.

12 Compensations are paid in the way of service only, i.e customer can avail compensation by getting sevice FREE of cost based on that compensation amount.Compensation of any item cannot be higher than 2000 BDT. Not responsible for orders leftover 30 days.